Therapy Sessions with Sue

What to Expect

I appreciate how therapy sessions, in general, can be stressful and by the time some clients come in to visit with me they are carrying a lot of stress, anxiety and burdens. While most people come in for a session once a week, for some, especially new clients who are carrying a lot of stress, coming in for a couple of sessions per week in the beginning can be helpful. Sessions last about 45 minutes and my office hours are Monday - Friday with my first session at 11:00 and my last session at 6:00.

Our sessions together, I hope, are inviting and comfortable while we roll up our sleeves and really dig in to explore the important issues and concerns in your life. Basically we sit together in a pretty comfortable room (No you don’t lay on the couch) and we visit about issues and concerns that you’re facing. I ask you how can I help you, you point out the obvious concerns and things that you’re confronting and I help you dig deeper into a full system analysis of all the variables that are occurring and contributing to the situation. We explore and discuss where you want it to go and how I can help you get there. You are left with a better sense of mastery and understanding of the things in your life, how you got there, how you can rebuild it and leave with a feeling of confidence you will never get there again. The goal of the work we do together is to equip you with all the tools you need so that the life that you live is more self-directed, meaningful, feels good and just suits you well.

If you want to throw it all out there, take out all the pieces of your puzzle, look at the good the bad and the ugly so we can make it the picture of life you are longing for then contact Sue to set up an appointment ASAP. However if you are looking for a passive therapist who is going to repeat back to you what you just said, nod her head understandingly, say “yes, yes yes”, tell you how that must be stressful and hold your hand for a fireside chitty-chat that will last for years, please note: Sue Gallucci is not the therapist for you.

Topics that come up in session or the problems people are facing are as varied as the clients who walk through the door. Rest assured I take out all the pieces of your puzzle, look at your whole picture and focus on you and your specific concerns. I typically start the session by asking you how you feel emotionally today, how’s it been going since our last session and what do you want to focus on today?

Additional Services Sue Has To Offer

In addition to being a prominent Psychotherapist conducting session in her private practice, Sue Gallucci has presented and done motivational speaking at Business Conferences, Medical Clinics, and to general audiences speaking on the important and relevant issues of mental health, happiness and wellbeing. She has also made repeated guest appearance on various radio shows like Talking Steele with Jearlyn Steele and the Tom Barnard Show. She has been featured in articles as well like in The Lake Minnetonka Magazine and The Plymouth Magazine. Feel free to contact her to write for your publication, be a guest on your show or come do an informational/motivational presentation at your place of business.

June 1, 2018

Tom Barnard Show with Sue Gallucci


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