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Those in their 50s, 60s and 70s might think that writing a whole new life script can seem daunting, but therapist and life coach Sue Gallucci disagrees. “It’s one of the best times of your life,” she says of retirement.

Here are her tips for infusing energy into the golden years:

  • It’s all about balance and taking care of your intellectual, physical and emotional self. Many focus on education, career and family, and these are important. “[That’s] our external resume, [and it usually] looks good,” Gallucci says. It’s our internal resume, as she calls it, which oftentimes needs to be worked on.
  • Try to eat well and exercise. “Go to the doctor when [you] need to,” Gallucci says. “[I also] encourage people to take care of their sexuality” at any age.
  • Be socially active. “Find good, quality friends, and get together with them,” she says.
  • Take part in gala charity events. “You’re not only having fun [while] you’re mixing and mingling with friendly, outgoing people, but underneath it all, you’re contributing,” Gallucci says.
  • Her parting advice? “Mix it up. Make new friends. Learn new skills,” she says. “Find your comfort zone, and step out of it.


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