Louder than Words

Harness the Power of Your Authentic Voice

by Todd Henry

So many people really do dread going to work every day. They just don’t like their job and 40 hours a week of unhappiness just takes a heavy toll on so many aspects of your life. In the books introduction Todd shares “Your work tells tales. It speaks about you, your values, your hopes, your ambitions, and ultimately what you deem worthy of your energy and attention.” We all know the basic premise that if find what we love to do and do it for a living we will be happier but too many people just don’t know how to actually do that. Todd breaks it down in chapters and with easy to do work sheets. He has you develop your own “Top Ten List” of ten times: People listened to your ideas, You were moved emotionally, You felt moved or angered by an injustice, Your greatest hopes, Problems you have solved. Then he has you take these list of your “50 notables” and see what patterns and correlations there are in the things that move you. What do you notice about where your passion lies and how can you pull these together into a job or career move.

If you like a practical approach and worksheet type exercises you will like this book too. I like that it helps you find your passion and how to put it to work for you. If you love what you do for your job, like I do, it makes all the difference in the world. I think the book is especially helpful in just getting you to know what you are passionate about, what you think and what matters to you in general. You can not only use this self-awareness to help land in a career you find meaningful but just knowing how you feel and what you think about things will help you feel more present in your everyday life and make your connection/conversations with others have more life and meaning too.

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